history of moves

I've always kept a list of the places I've lived, written on the inside cover of my address book. So, I copied it here, without the street numbers, for your enjoyment. This list starts with a place before I was born (if that counts) and ends with my current location.

Notice that I moved 8 times in less than 10 years, between 03/92 and 02/02. Or that I moved 5 times, in 3 1/2 years, between 03/92 and 09/95.

Date of Move—New Location—Age at Move

02/72—Miramar Drive, Half Moon Bay, CA—<0 (conceived here on February 14th before parents moved to Redwood City in summer)

11/72—Hillcrest Drive, Redwood City, CA—age 0 (born at Stanford University Medical Center, Palo Alto)

05/78—“4090”, Petaluma, CA—age 5 (pronounced four-O-nine-O, this is my main childhood home, my parents owned this house for 27 years)

09/91—“Anarchy House”, Oak Street, Petaluma, CA—age 18 (this was a house where about 11 of my friends lived, it had a large anarchy symbol spray-painted on the front door, thus the name. I didn't actually move here, so I don't count this as a place I lived, but this is when and where I got married to Todd, who lived there, so I spent many a night there anyway)

03/92—18th Avenue at Noriega, San Francisco, CA—age 19

12/92—Frederick Street at Stanyon, San Francisco, CA—age 20

06/94—Post Street at Polk, San Francisco, CA—age 21 (my sister moved with me here when I left Todd)

12/94—Petaluma Boulevard North, Petaluma, CA—age 22 (tired of the city, I moved back, but still commuted to work in SF for 2 years after this move)

09/95—Edith Street at D, Petaluma, CA—age 22

06/97—“4090”, Petaluma, CA—age 24 (tired of everything, I moved back with my parents, and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. Also, for a month during this period, I lived and worked in Portland, OR, but I'm not counting that because I didn't move my stuff or pets)

10/00—Post Street at English, Petaluma, CA—age 27 (married Donovan, moved in with him)

02/02—Amy Avenue at Frederick, Santa Rosa, CA—age 29 (we rented a big house to share with my sister and her man)

08/03—“4090”, Petaluma, CA—age 30 (a temporary stop while preparing to leave the state)

09/03—Whitefish Point Road, Paradise, MI—age 30 (Michigan was supposed to be more temporary than this, but I ended up there for over a year)

10/04—Extended Stay Hotel, Santa Rosa, CA—age 31 (drove back to California and stayed 3 weeks here)

10/04—Family Farm, Potter Valley, CA—age 31 (another sort-term home, we were going to stay here until we bought a house in Willits but ended up getting a rental, then splitting up.)

11/04—Racquet Club Circle, Rohnert Park, CA—age 32 (5 years, my current record living anywhere as an adult)

10/09—Now, Santa Rosa, CA—age 36 (so far so good! a cute little house. I don't plan to move until I can buy a little farm.)