use me, but please ask first

I'm open to allowing use of my images and other content if you contact me and ask if I'll allow it, and if I write back and give you permission. I'll want to know what and where you'll be using it. Most things can be used for free if you give me credit and a link to my home page, the exception is commercial use as a business.

Commercial users must contact me and negotiate a price or other form of payment.

The other exceptions are things I put here for free download: tiles, brushes, and actions. Those things can be used anywhere for personal use, you don't have to ask me, give me credit or a link, though that would certainly be appreciated.

Desktops (ie wallpapers) can be downloaded and used on your own computer, you must ask before using them anywhere else.

Anything you use must be downloaded to your own server. I do not tolerate “hotlinking” and bandwidth theft. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you should educate yourself on the subject before even thinking about using my stuff.

If you find something here (like a font) that you made and I have not given you credit or money, let me know, it's an accident, I swear.