about this site and me

This domain came about by a combination of things. One day the phrase popped in my head so I did a web search for “reality crutch”. The majority of search results were because they had a quote from Lilly Tomlin, “reality is a crutch for people who can't handle drugs”. There were also a large number of art sites because of Salvador Dali's “Crutches of Reality” such as the ones in his paintings Sleep and Giraffe – the crutches that hold up melting objects in his surreal desert landscapes.

Both of those findings struck a chord with me. I'm a Tomlin fan, and a Dali fan. I probably had originally heard the phrase “Crutches of Reality” during the time I spent at a friend's gallery on Fisherman's Wharf, where they sold official Dali lithographs and where I got to spend many moments really looking at those amazing works.

I often feel like my reality is challenged, or melting, dissolving from a lack of support. I feel like I could use some crutches. I registered the domain name in 2001 and it's changed and evolved a lot since.

I write every single day. Usually in a personal online journal but fiction as well. I wrote a 50k novel in November 2003 (for the Nanowrimo challenge) though I have not done much fiction writing since. I post photos and journal about my crafts and other creations on creative alchemia.